This total package comes in a bottle


A close-up illustration of the pulp and bean of a coffee fruit, behind is an image of a coffee fruit on a leaf

The Pulp

The Bean

More than meets the eye (and taste buds).

From celebrating dietary antioxidants derived from vitamin C or E, as well as our naturally sourced sweeteners, there’s a lot going on inside each bottle of Bai®. Multitasking, who knew it could be so delicious!

Look Inside

For the good in you


We believe you are what you drink.

What you drink matters. That’s why we’re committed to putting plenty of great stuff like vitamin C or E, a dietary antioxidant, inside each and every bottle. And why we bring in the good stuff like naturally sourced sweeteners, only 10 calories and 1 gram of sugar per serving. Because more good plus less bad equals…(checks calculator)… one amazing beverage!

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